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    A gleefully divorced, ecstatically attached 33-year old. Mother to one 7-year old scary genius child. Newly inducted Cubmaster of my son's Cub Scout pack. I love winemaking, running, scrapbooking, running, photography, knitting and running, but who the hell has time for any of that? Except for the running. That, I have time for.

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Put A Cork In It

  • Wines in the Making:

    Cru Select Special Holiday Edition Orange Chocolate Port Style - in the carboy, and likely to be there for a really damned long time.

    WinExpert Selection Original Series Luna Rossa - bottled, needs labels!

    WinExpert Selection Speciale Riesling Icewine Style - ready to start

    WinExpert Limited Edition Chilean Carmenere Cabernet Sauvignon - aging since July 2006

    Next on my wish list: WinExpert Selection Symphony (a nice, all-purpose white); WinExpert Selection Speciale Cabernet Franc Icewine Style (I'm into the dessert wines lately).

    No clue what any of this means? You can find out here!

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Hey I tagged you in a memo just so you'd write SOMETHING!


September isn't over but June is. When ya gonna post again?!?!? I miss you!!!


I hope your period of nothingness ends soon: I miss your blog posts!

Ms. Lori

September is my favorite month.

My clothes fit better then, and not because I'm trying -- summer heat and humidity tends to make me swell like SpongeBob SquarePants is all.


Seinfeld had a great show about nothing. Maybe you were meant to have a great life about nothing.

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