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    A gleefully divorced, ecstatically attached 33-year old. Mother to one 7-year old scary genius child. Newly inducted Cubmaster of my son's Cub Scout pack. I love winemaking, running, scrapbooking, running, photography, knitting and running, but who the hell has time for any of that? Except for the running. That, I have time for.

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  • Wines in the Making:

    Cru Select Special Holiday Edition Orange Chocolate Port Style - in the carboy, and likely to be there for a really damned long time.

    WinExpert Selection Original Series Luna Rossa - bottled, needs labels!

    WinExpert Selection Speciale Riesling Icewine Style - ready to start

    WinExpert Limited Edition Chilean Carmenere Cabernet Sauvignon - aging since July 2006

    Next on my wish list: WinExpert Selection Symphony (a nice, all-purpose white); WinExpert Selection Speciale Cabernet Franc Icewine Style (I'm into the dessert wines lately).

    No clue what any of this means? You can find out here!

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Sal Casley

How lucky S is! His tooth fairy seems to be very generous! How I wish my son's tooth fairy is generous too! Haha! But having a long day at the dentist office deserves a treat like that. ;P

Ms. Lori

Good for S for being so brave! I bit my dentist's finger off when I was six. (Well, not the whole finger, but still...)

My youngest daughter is on her second set of braces, and she's only eleven. In the future, they'll need to implant a few fake teeth because she has no adult teeth in some places.

No one in my or my husband's living, immediate family has such snaggly teeth.

I'd like to know where she inherited her crappy teeth, really, I do. I spit on his or her grave.


S sounds like he was very brave.

As for being over protective, my son is only just 5 but I can't imagine just leaving him at a friend's place, without knowing the parents a bit, for a long long time yet. So if you're over protective, then I am too!


A butt crack to a dog is like the best novel ever written.

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